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Nov 14 2017
by Alejandra Arevalo

8 Cool 2-Credit Classes You Can Take At NYU

By Alejandra Arevalo - Nov 14 2017

The semester hasn't even finished and yet we NYU students have to think about our classes for the spring semester. Registration is this week. NYU has a standard tuition price if you take between 12 and 18 credits in a semester, yet the common decision is taking four classes equivalent to 16 credits. If you think about it, there are two credits that you aren’t taking full advantage of. Here are eight cool two-credit classes that you can take in the different NYU schools.

1. MPAPE-UE 56 Piano for Non-Majors

These private lessons for all skill levels will introduce you to the techniques of playing piano. Develop your appreciation of music and interest in piano repertoire while learning about musical interpretation and music notation. 

2. MPAJZ-UE 73 Pop/Jazz Saxophone for Non-Majors 

Dynamic and versatile, the saxophone can transmit any emotion you want. These private or group lessons in pop/jazz saxophone will include outside-the-class practice and observation tasks. Going to a jazz club as homework? Yes, please.

3. MPAVP-UE 1512 Vocal Training for Non-Majors

What better instrument than the one you naturally have: the voice? In these private lessons, learn proper singing techniques while analyzing performances and developing your personal style. Prepare to let your inner superstar glow.

4. MPADE-UE 12 Intro to Modern Dance for Non-Majors

This introductory course will focus on the analysis of movement in dance technique and improvisation. Never again be shamed by your friend for dancing in a party.

5. OART-UT 1906 Acting I for Non-Majors

Through the use of games, monologues and scene work you will develop basic acting skills. You will work toward self-exploration and creative expression. 

6. PHTI-UT 1031 Drawing: An Introduction

Starting by learning the basics of drawing: line, shape and spatial relations, you will then work still life set-ups and figure drawing from models. You will also engage in discussions about the expressive, experimental and conceptual aspects of drawing as a medium to develop your own artistic style. 

7. HIST-UA 70 History in the Headlines

The key events you read about in your morning Twitter feed or on your favorite news sites aren't independent events, but have a background that make them more understandable and interesting. The course will take you behind the scenes of current events you thought you knew, to make you a better observer and analyst of the news in the world around you.

8. ITAL-UA 260 Language, Culture, and Identity in Italy

Language is a huge part of any country's identity and it has a significant impact on literature, music and cinema. This course will introduce you to the linguistic diversity in Italy to understand its culture. This class is an ideal complement if you are studying Italian as a second language.

These are only some of the several 2-credit courses options can take next spring. If you take your time to explore on Albert Course Search you will discover an infinite range of possibilities. Don't forget to add them to your enrollment shopping cart to be ready when your registration time comes. Good luck!

Writer's note: Lab fees may apply to some of the courses listed; check on NYU Albert Course Search

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Alejandra Arevalo - New York University

Alejandra Arevalo is a sophomore at NYU studying journalism and sociology. She is a passionate foodie, art lover and adventure-seeker. Her dream job is to work for a major international newspaper, as a reporter or photojournalist, discussing social issues.

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