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Aug 07 2017
by Alejandra Arevalo

7 Thoughts You Have 2 Weeks Before Moving In to College

By Alejandra Arevalo - Aug 07 2017

The first week of August just passed by, and college couldn't be closer. But before starting classes, you must go through the exciting (pronounced: Stressful) move-in day. Now that you probably know what your residence hall is and who your roommate(s) will be, here are some of the thoughts in your mind.

1. Finally, FREEDOM!

No more, "Make your bed!" "Come back early!" "Go to sleep, tomorrow you have school!" You might feel that your dreams come true as your parents won't be there to keep order in your life. But remember, less supervision means you have to be more responsible to make things right.

2. I'll make my bedroom "goals."

After hours of scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest, you feel completely prepared to turn the boring bedroom into your dream place. Don't get frustrated if you don't make what you expected, just make sure your room feels like home. 

3. Wait, how am I going to fit my whole life in a suitcase?

Whether you're going to college by land or taking a flight, you'll have to deal with the impossible task of choosing and packing your belongings into one or two suitcases. You'll probably try to take everything, but consider that you'll have to unpack everything you take with you. Make move-in day easier by taking only the basics.

4. Oh no, what if my roommate snores?

If you don't get along with your roommates, the snores might be the least of your problems. Tell them what you like and what you don't and then try to agree on some rules to live peacefully together.

5. Who thought one bathroom for six people was a good idea?

From the time we take to shower to leaving toothpaste on the sink, we all have different habits. As for the bedroom, agree on how to share the bathroom without problems. 

6. RAs will ruin the fun.

Although the main task of RAs is to enforce the college rules, they don't want to be the bad guys. They've been freshmen just like you, so they can help you with any problems and guide you to make the best out of your first year. Be nice to them.

7. I'll miss my family, and my friends, and my bed and EVERYTHING.

Moving to a new place is never easy, especially if you're going to a different city far from your friends and family. You might feel homesick the first weeks but then you'll learn to love your new life. 

It might be difficult to leave home but we should think this is an amazing experience that will become an unforgettable stage of our lives. Let's make the best out of it.

Lead Image Credit: Oregon State University via Flickr Creative Commons

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Alejandra Arevalo - New York University

Alejandra Arevalo is a sophomore at NYU studying journalism and sociology. She is a passionate foodie, art lover and adventure-seeker. Her dream job is to work for a major international newspaper, as a reporter or photojournalist, discussing social issues.

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