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Jul 21 2017
by Alejandra Arevalo

7 Colleges Where You Can Take A Class About Selfies

By Alejandra Arevalo - Jul 21 2017

In all groups of friends, there's the one who always says: "But first, let's take a selfie." Although some might consider it pure narcissism, others have seen the power and importance of this kind of self-portraiture. This is why many professors have decided to take their interest on selfies to a whole new level, teaching about them in universities. Believe it or not, here are seven colleges where you can take a course about selfies.

1. University of Southern California

Officially called, “Writing 150: Writing and Critical Reasoning: Identity and Diversity,” the course explores how we use selfies to construct an image of our identity, exploring gender, sexuality, ethnicity and socioeconomic status.

2. Duke University

In "The #selfie," students investigate about the history of portraiture in the arts and photography. Then, they apply their knowledge to analyze how selfies have become part of everyday life and their importance in our self-perception.

3. University of California — Los Angeles

The lives of millennials and people who grew up without the internet are compared in "Selfies, Snapchat and Cyberbullies." Although it doesn't focus on selfie-taking techniques, it's an interesting course to understand the impact of technology in adolescence and young adulthood.

4. University of Minnesota

"Selfies: Media and the Culture of Me" is a first-year seminar in which freshmen investigate about self-portraiture in history. Students need to complete several projects about selfies and in the end, they have the opportunity to showcase their work.

5. Indiana University Northwest

"Mass Communication and Culture" examines our role as active media creators. Studies done on selfies are discussed to then answer questions about identity and reshaping social rules.

6. Wheaton College

The freshman seminar "The Selfie and More, Much More" studies famous artists who produced "selfies," like Goya and Rembrandt. Then, the course moves to the present to discuss how we portray ourselves online and how much information we give out through selfies. 

7. Bellevue College

The arts and design course "Mastering the Art of the Selfie" explores selfies as a social media phenomenon that's here to stay. But most importantly, you "learn to make selfies that rock," as the professor promises in the course description.

Even if you aren't into selfies, taking a college course that isn't strictly academic is always fun. You can deepen your knowledge about a topic that truly interests you while earning college credits. So if you have the opportunity to take a course like these ones, don't turn it down.

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Alejandra Arevalo - New York University

Alejandra Arevalo is a sophomore at NYU studying journalism and sociology. She is a passionate foodie, art lover and adventure-seeker. Her dream job is to work for a major international newspaper, as a reporter or photojournalist, discussing social issues.

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