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Oct 21 2015
by Alanna Zetchus

The Dining Hall's Five Stages of Grief

By Alanna Zetchus - Oct 21 2015

1. Denial

After the first few months of school, the dining hall isn't even edible anymore. How do you even go on? Day after day you hope for something delicious and are always disappointed. 

2. Anger

You could be having a good day and the dining hall never fails to ruin it. You walk in barely hopeful and it ends in just yelling at your roommate about how you don't know how to go on anymore without real food. You may even find yourself questioning if there is a higher power. 

3. Bargaining

You start searching for answers by asking for help from whatever higher power you believe in. If the dining hall is good today, I promise I will study. If the dining hall is good today, I promise I won't watch Netflix tonight. Just do something, anything, please.

4. Depression

After eating, you start just going into your room and listening to the saddest Taylor Swift songs of all time. If you can't have stove top Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, you might as well be broken up with, right?

5. Acceptance

You will be surrounded my home cooked meals and your favorite local food places in no time. Until then, you just have to spice up what you eat at the dining hall.

Don't forget Thanksgiving break is just around the corner!

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Alanna Zetchus - Syracuse University

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