Midterms were such a pain to study for, and that's why you did these things instead:

1. Played with Snapchat's "face swap" filter.


Everyone is fascinated by Snapchat's latest filter and you definitely tried it (way too many times), admit it.

2. Ate.


Why study when you can have snacks? Lots and lots of snacks. Besides, you don't want to get crumbs on your textbooks. 

3. Took a nap.


After all of that eating you were tired, of course you took a nap afterwards. You cannot focus on studying without the right amount of energy from that nap, we get it.

4. Called your Mom.


Of course your mother was thrilled to hear from you. You obviously did not tell her you were using her to avoid studying.

5. Binge watched Netflix.


You had just talked to your mom for a good hour, of course you deserved to watch an episode or seven of your new favorite series. 

6. Had a dance party with your roommate.


You had to get that energy up somehow in order to finally sit down and tackle your studying. What other way better than dancing it out like Cristina and Meredith from Grey's Anatomy?

7. Procrastinated by thinking about how much you regret procrastinating. 


Once you had a look at what you actually have to study, you realize how much you shouldn't have procrastinated. 

Lead Image Credit: ValerieZinger via Wikimedia Commons