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Jan 29 2018
by Alaba

10 Ways to Get Your Christian Spiritual Life on Track in College

By Alaba - Jan 29 2018

There always seems to be very little time to actually do anything you want to do in college. Deadlines are ever-present, quizzes seem to be every week and exams creep up on you so sneakily, maybe it's hard to find a place for your Christianity and devotion to God. With everything you have going on, your faith practice has diminished to one or maybe two rushed prayers before you go to bed.

First of all, it's okay. You don't have to add "Maintaining a healthy Christian life" to the list of things to freak out about. I was once in the same boat and now, I'm going to offer the steps that worked for me and helped me find a place for God in everything I do. This is basically a way to keep your spiritual life active whilst living your best life in college.

1. Find a great church nearby.

One of the easiest ways to keep your spiritual body nourished to have a regular source of nourishment (church). Take a few minutes to figure out the churches nearby (Google), and maybe give yourself some weeks to go church-hunting.

Once you find that place that makes you excited to come to church, bingo! Stay there. Go every Sunday. Find like-minded friends to carpool with. Have a great time in the presence of the Lord and receive the necessary nourishment in order to have a healthy spiritual body.

2. Get one of those daily Bible verse apps. 

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There's really little that is as satisfying as finding the Bible verse that seems to be speaking to or about you and what you're going through. If you don't have time to spare to read full chapters of your Bible, that's fine. Sometimes, all it takes is one verse to pick you up and get your spiritual energy going. You can use the popular "Sprinkle of Jesus" app or "Verse a Day" app. Take a moment out of your day to read that single verse. It actually does work wonders.

3. Use a daily devotional.

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There are multiple daily devotionals floating around the internet and bookshops alike. It is a great way to receive the Word of God in a relatable and educative way. Depending on preference, you can get any kind of devotional you want! Daily, weekly, monthly, etc. As long as you have the topic, memory verse, passage to read and then the actual content, you're good to go!

4. Join a Christian organization.

Most likely, there are lots of campus organizations for Christians in your college. Take out a bit of time to visit your campus chapel and find out about the various opportunities. Not only does it keep you connected to God, but you also get to make friends with similar ideas and thus build lovely Christian friendships. When I got on SU campus, I joined CRU, a caring community passionate about Christ, and trust me, I haven't looked back since! It goes without saying that you should be active in the organization.

5. Read Christian literature.

For those people who enjoy reading, Christian Literature is a great way to learn more about Christianity via story-telling and testimonies. You could read it while on the bus, while eating alone, while sipping a cup of coffee in the morning or even when you're bored. You can read basically anywhere and at any time. Personally, I enjoy reading Christian fiction, such as books by Francine Rivers, Karen Kingsbury and the likes. It is a lovely way to get your spiritual energy flowing!

6. Try Evangelism.

Have you ever tried to tell someone about your faith? Sharing your testimony to friends and strangers is one of the ways to feel really firm and secure in your Christian faith. Once you start trying to explain to someone how blessed you feel by God and how loving and kind he is, you're actually reconfirming those facts to yourself. Of course, you may be shy or nervous about sharing your faith and that's okay. Build up to it. Pray about it. Do it with friends. There is always going to be a way.

7. Listen to gospel music.

This is one of my personal favorites! Walking to class with a rocking gospel song to match your footsteps to is very uplifting. The beauty of gospel music is that it transcends genres. If you like slow songs, you've got it. You like hard rock? Gospel's got you covered! A big fan of rap or trap? Once again, gospel music has it. All you have to do is search for those songs you like, make your playlist, hit shuffle and jam away whilst doing anything else you like doing. It is a lovely and uplifting experience.

8. Start a prayer journal

Photo by Alaba Danagogo

If you're finding it difficult to keep focused on what you're praying about, then a prayer journal may just be the best solution for you. It is really grounding to write your thoughts and desires to God in a cute notebook designated for just that. I got myself a purple moleskin prayer journal off Amazon, that has Psalm 19 vs 14 printed on the cover. Try to write out any thoughts and prayers you have for God. It may be time consuming, but it is really rewarding.

9. Watch Christian movies or series.

Photo by Art4TheGlryOfGod by Sharon via Flickr

If you prefer a good movie over a book, then there always lovely selections of Christian films and series to watch. Not only they help keep you interested in the Word, they are also kind of educative. I watched God's Not Dead 1 & 2 and I felt so empowered and enriched from the experience. Even if most Christian movies never make to the box office (I wonder why…), you can find them on the internet easily. Try out God's Not Dead and War Room. The soundtrack alone will have you hooked!

10. Get an all-purpose Bible app.

Photo from New Life Church Collingwood via Flickr 

The Bible is lovely. What's even lovelier than having a Bible, is having one on your phone and being able to change to different versions, highlight, and share certain verses with friends. I use the YouVersion Bible app.

With such an app, you can read chapters of the bible or have them read out to you as you go about your business. There may also be Word of the Day features that allow you to receive a specific bible verse each day. Not only that, you can also join Bible plans to help tackle any particular area of difficulty you're experiencing in your Christian life. It is a lovely way to keep close to God and build your Christian faith tremendously.

Now, you have the means. It's left to you to actually do any or all of these. Our relationship with God is and should be the most important relationship. The same way we text friends and check up on family in order to ensure a good relationship, is how we should follow these steps to get closer to God. This is especially necessary in college, these years that will build us up for what is to come.

You have every right to live your best life, with God right beside you every step of the way.

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