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Jan 31 2017
by Akshara Nair

Why I Actually Missed College During Winter Break

By Akshara Nair - Jan 31 2017

It's been slightly over two weeks since I've come back from home after the Winter Break, and I cannot fathom this feeling - I missed Davis and was glad to be back. Flying back home, meeting my family and friends, and breathing in the city whose fast-paced life (just like its cars) I had missed; since the beginning of fall, I had been looking forward to this. Yet, day one back home felt weird  rather, incomplete. Although being nearly intoxicated by all the love and affection my family showered me with, the drug wasn’t strong enough  there was something missing. Then on my third day back home, a confused mind and a lost soul, Skyped with her two close friends from Davis. And everything finally made sense.

I’ll be honest  I didn’t like Davis at first. The smell of cows, a college in the middle of nowhere, the absence of skyscrapers, stores closing early; I’ve been a city girl all my life and this was miles away from my comfort zone. Adding onto that were the tiring bike rides from one class to another all over campus, dreadful midterms, keeping a check on the cash flow, the elections (let's just not go there), and don't get me started on laundry. Whilst being blinded by this fog of uncommonness, one amazing thing happened to me, as it did to many others  friends. We may come from different countries, backgrounds, and roots, but here in Davis, it was a clean slate for all of us. The transition from acquaintances to friends and then family in the last 3 months has been phenomenal.

Skyping with those two fools made me realize that I did not only miss Davis but was beginning to call it home. I missed it all  the 3 a.m. conversations with my roommate, endless laughter with my goofy friend while walking back from the DC, watching the magical meteor showers from the Quad, staying up all night just to catch the sunrise from the parking lot behind the Arc, and most importantly, opening up to a friend, only for him to make you realize that you deserve to be happy and chase your dreams despite all the odds.

Sitting on the couch, eating home-cooked food and watching telly with my family, that moment was special. Yet, deep inside I longed to get back to Davis and be with my new family  my friends. Here’s to the now and to the future, all the moments to cherish, the laughs, the cries, and the dreams we’ll chase. Not alone, but hand in hand. 

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Akshara Nair - UC Davis

Akshara is a freshman at UC-Davis from Dubai. She's majoring in Economics. In her free time, she binge-watches TV shows and re-reads Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for the millionth time.

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