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Aug 06 2016
by Aishwarya Sukesh

7 Ways to be a Colorful Minimalist

By Aishwarya Sukesh - Aug 06 2016

Minimalism is a great thing, especially for college students living with a closet fit for a Barbie or Polly Pocket. Yet, in spite of the limited space, we find ways to create an extensive wardrobe with a few essential pieces. Recently, minimalism has been the latest trend because of its simplicity. Having a few basic tops and bottoms in neutral colors allow us to mix and match in order to create many different outfits. Black, white, gray and nude are very versatile colors. Pairing some black jeans with a white top when you are in a rush results in a cute outfit with pretty much zero effort. And we all love things that don’t require effort! However, this doesn’t mean that we suddenly become completely monochromic! Color is an awesome thing to incorporate into your wardrobe. It can immediately personalize an outfit. Here are a few ways to incorporate color into your minimalistic wardrobe.

1. Brightly Colored T-shirts

Bright t-shirts are a great option to add a pop of color to an outfit. Try pairing a colored t-shirt with some dark wash jeans, sneakers or booties, and a neutral cardigan or blazer. This creates a simple outfit that looks effortless and minimalistic.


2. Statement Jewelry

A statement necklace or bracelet is perfect to spice up any outfit. Jewelry adds personality and can tie a look together.


3. Bold Nails

Don’t feel like wearing any color? Is it just one of the days where you feel like breathing fire on everything and everyone? No problem! Paint your nails a bright red or romantic pink to complete your look.


4. Multicolored Purse

A statement bag is a definite eye catcher. Throw on some jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt with a colorful bag on your shoulder and you are good to go!


5. Vibrant Hair

It seems like changing your hair color is as easy as changing your lipstick these days. If you are really outgoing, your hair can be a great and unique way to add a pop of color! 


6. Glasses/sunglasses 

Eyewear (prescription or not) is a great way to individualize a look. 


7. Shoes

With footwear, there are almost too many options when it comes to style let alone color! Take a stroll on the wild side and opt for a pair of bold sneakers to brighten up an otherwise neutral outfit. 


These seven ideas can inspire you to take advantage youthful color while still maintaining a versatile wardrobe. A few pieces can go a long way, especially by achieving variation with a couple different statement items. 

All in all, you do you; I’m sure you rock whatever you choose to wear.


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Aishwarya Sukesh - Syracuse University

Aishwarya is a freshman at Syracuse University as a double major in psychology and magazine journalism! Follow her on twitter @AishuSukesh

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