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Feb 08 2016
by Adrian Thomas

9 Up-and-Coming College DJs

By Adrian Thomas - Feb 08 2016

We all have listened to EDM at some point or another. Whether you are a fan of the genre or not, it has gained a massive following worldwide in recent years and is much more than just a person on stage fading in and out of different songs. Each EDM artist varies in their style, and the spectrum of EDM ranges from songs that employ chill, melodic bass, to powerful upbeat tunes that can make an entire stadium of people go crazy. Here are some DJs in college that are worth knowing because you might hear them on the radio or see them on Billboard's Hot 100 chart someday. 

1. Flaxo- Columbia University 


Nick Perloff, better known as Flaxo, is a senior at Columbia University and gained notoriety on the EDM scene when he won the Campus DJ National Championship in 2013 as a sophomore. Since then, his music career has taken off, and he recently released a new EP within the last year. Flaxo's sound is made up of different instrumentals that employs a variety of styles. 

2. Jill Strange- Columbia College Chicago

Phoenix New Times

Jill Strange is a rising figure on the EDM scene in Chicago, and gained notoriety on the national level when she was runner up at the Campus DJ national championship in 2014. Campus DJ also named her 2015's best college DJ in Chicago and Northwest North America. Strange's sound is made of a variety of techno and even sounds a little retro at times. 

3. Almond- Ithaca College 


Joel Almand, also known by his clever stage name, Almond, is a sophomore at Ithaca College and rising star on the EDM scene. With a fairly large Soundcloud following, Almond shares various remixes and tracks inspired by deep house sounds by artists such as Tiesto, whom Almond cites as one of his influences. 

4. Bentley Montes- UCLA

Daily Bruin 

Bentley Monets from UCLA is a rising star on LA's EDM scene. He won the Campus DJ National Championship in 2014 and has had a growing career ever since. He has played alongside artists such as Tyga, Chris Brown, and G-Eazy, just to name a few. His style is pretty eclectic, and includes elements of trap and dubstep which makes for energetic tracks and live sets. Some of his influences include Diplo and Dillon Francis. 

5. Matsu x Flores- Indiana University

Photo courtesy of Matsu

This duo from Indiana University are a unique pair that will definitely be in the national EDM spotlight in the coming years. DJs Mark Matsuki and Niko Flores who make up Matsu x Flores, are a group that should be noted for their originality, creativity, and adhering to old school DJ values.  If you listen to or watch one of their live sets, don't be surprised if you hear current pop/rap music with impromptu scratching or "cuts" on turntables mixed in. Matsu is known for his eclectic style of trap music and sometimes will bring in an ambient sound in his remixes. Both Matsu and Niko Flores regularly perform solo and together at night clubs in Indianapolis and also frequently play to large crowds at frat parties at IU and Purdue University.  

6. Dopez- University of Texas Austin 


David Lopez, better known as Dopez, is a student at the University of Texas Austin. He is known for his original tracks which have an ambient vibe and hip-hop sound mixed in with some freestyle scratching.  Dopez can be considered a "turntablist" due how much freestyle scratching on vinyl is integrated into his sound. 

7. DJ Kurr- Florida State University

Brian Kerr, known to his fans as DJ Kurr, recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue a DJ career, and rightfully so. After dominating the club scene at FSU and winning the 2015 Campus DJ National Championship, DJ Kurr has risen to become one of the most promising up and coming DJs in the industry. He has opened for artists such as A$AP Rocky, Juicy J, and Wale and has a wide array of music he integrates into his sets. DJ Kurr has also been featured at some of the premier night clubs in the country and is currently signed with Dash Radio. 

8. Antrik- Northeastern University


Anthony Melnick a.k.a Antrik, is a student at Northeastern University and has been dominating the college party and club scene in Boston. In addition to having played at some of the premier venues in Boston, Antrik has opened for EDM acts such as the Los Angeles based group, Mako. Antrik's sound incorporates a wide variety of hip-hop, pop, and deep house, all making for exciting live sets that have catapulted him into a local favorite and surely will continue to reach larger and larger audiences. 

9. Wandrew- Boston University 

Courtesy of Andrew Hallock

Andrew Hallock or Wandrew, is a student at Boston University and is known for his unique trap sound that has an almost chillwave vibe. Employing unique sounds with consistent bass, Wandrew certainly has an extremely original style. Having played at popular nightclubs and venues around Boston and opening for artists such as Mick Jenkins, Wandrew has definitely made a name for himself on the EDM scene. 

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Adrian Thomas - Boston University

Adrian Thomas is a student at Boston University majoring in broadcast journalism and minoring in Spanish. He enjoys traveling, playing tennis, and obsessing over high-end coffee. Follow him on Twitter @AdrianBThomas or on Instagram @adrianb_thomas.

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