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Feb 24 2016
by Adrian Thomas

Freshman Year as Told by Breaking Bad

By Adrian Thomas - Feb 24 2016

What better way to describe freshman year than with a little help from Walter White and Jesse Pinkman along with a few other pals. We can all relate to this.


1. Walking away from a successful midterm like...


You know that feeling you get when you've studied for hours on end and you've just killed your midterm and you walk out of the classroom door feeling unstoppable? Walter White definitely does. 

2. When the academic stress is too real...


Sometimes you get to the breaking point of academic stress and just feel like angrily tossing an entire pizza onto the roof of your house...

3. When the syllabus is confusing AF on the first day of the semester...


We've all had that professor who makes a syllabus that is structured super weird and has dates for assignments that just don't make sense. It's confusing. 

4. When people are being dramatic...


Freshman year is definitely not complete without some drama in some way, shape or form. Communal living makes people go crazy sometimes and if unnecessary drama is unfolding around you, just roll  your eyes like Mike and move on. 

5. When you've found that best friend only two weeks into school...


Freshman year is awesome because you might have come across that friend who you literally have so much in common with that it's scary and who you're basically attached to at the hip. 

6. Dressing up for your first college Halloween party...


You might have figured this out already, but Halloween is a really big deal in college. There are parties everywhere you go and everyone's dressed up. Therefore, you've got to pick the right costume. 

7. That friend who's had a little too much on Friday night...


Sometimes you have that friend who decides to have one too many. Since you know they would do the same for you, look out for them and make sure they get back to their room safe and sound at the end of the night. 

8. That friend who takes forever to get ready...


There is always that friend who takes forever to get ready and delays you by a solid half hour at least. Tell those friends to start getting ready a half hour before everyone else does next time you all go out. 

9. What you want to say to those loud neighbors on your floor...


Sometimes when your neighbors decide it's a good idea to have friends over at 2 am on a Tuesday and you have an exam that morning, your inner Skyler might come out. 

Lead Image Credit: AMC

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Adrian Thomas - Boston University

Adrian Thomas is a student at Boston University majoring in broadcast journalism and minoring in Spanish. He enjoys traveling, playing tennis, and obsessing over high-end coffee. Follow him on Twitter @AdrianBThomas or on Instagram @adrianb_thomas.

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