Finals are stressful. The new material is overwhelming and the crunch to cram is tempting. But think about the moment after you walk out of your exam room after turning in your last exam of the first semester. Feels good, right?

To celebrate this special time even more, allow Michael Scott to teach you how to de-stress.

1. Get Off Campus

Whether you went home for Thanksgiving or not, these last few weeks have probably felt like the most stressful you've had in your life. If you're going home, leave pronto. If not, leave pronto.

2. Catch Up on Sleep

I think I can speak for all of us by saying sleep is something you haven't been getting enough of for more than just a few nights. Now that you have no classes to attend for a few weeks, you can finally get those eight (or more) hours!

3. Dance

Like no one's watching. You deserve it. 

4. Do Nothing

This is one you probably haven't done all semester, except maybe on weekends. Although I wouldn't recommend this as a daily thing, enjoy it the first couple of days. Sometimes it feels good to not have anything to do. 

5. Enjoy Some Fun in the Sun (or Snow)

Depending on where you live, there might be a few community-sponsored outdoor activities for you to do like ice skating or sledding. However, there's no need to think of anything extravagant. Try making snow angels or, as Michael likes, feeding the birds.

6. Celebrate the Time of Year

This time of the year is dedicated to celebrations. No matter what holiday you and your family celebrate — or don't — enjoy this giving and joyous time of year. Everyone is able to spread a little cheer.

7. Take a Road Trip

One of the most fun things you can do with friends or family is hop in a car and start driving. You could go visit people or travel somewhere you've always wanted to go. Maybe plan it, maybe don't. Either way, it'll be a ton of fun. 

8. Get Back to Hobbies

Often times we stop engaging in our favorite hobbies like cooking or knitting or photography either because we don't have the means while at school or just don't have time. Go back to those things you loved to do before you left.

9. Clean House

You probably have quite a collection of papers, notebooks and other class materials from the semester that are now useless. Get rid of them! (Recycle if applicable.)

10. Watch TV or Movies

Netflix. Hulu. HBO Go. Amazon TV. The options are limitless. Catch up on those series you've been wanting to binge-watch since the summer. 

Whatever you end up doing, just think about how it doesn't involve studying or lectures. That'll make it even better.

Lead Image Credit: NBC Universal