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Apr 07 2017
by A. T. Thomas

10 College Students Share Their Favorite Things About College

By A. T. Thomas - Apr 07 2017

College — a new world that opens up a world of doors and opportunities. To a high school student, the word itself often incites feelings of apprehension and desire. To college students, the word is often synonymous with home or usually at least a comfortable environment. For each college student, there are certain aspects about college that excite him/her. Some enjoy the sports culture, some look forward to the variety of food options and others love the city which surrounds their school. I asked 10 students from all over the country what they love about being in college. 

1. Cobi Sabo, Butler University '20

"I would say the freedom, although it's kinda weird at first. Then you accept it for what it is and make the best of it; it's definitely a liberating experience."

2. Kaela Mack, McKendree University '20 

"Free food and free tutoring, which are both pretty great."

As a college student, you will jump at nearly every free thing offered, from books to event tickets. Food and academic help are just a couple of those things you'll get thrown your way.

3. Kyla Richardson, Illinois State University '18

"Being able to be independent and living on my own."

4. Lisette Alvear, Connecticut College '18

"Honestly, freedom and epiphanies. I've had a lot of life-changing experiences here and wouldn't trade them for anything."

5. Sara Valdivia, University of Illinois at Chicago '20

"The support I have and the clubs & orgs. Since coming here, I've joined a Latino organization, which made me feel more comfortable in my skin and motivated to help my community."

6. Deiarah Wright, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana '19

"I love meeting diverse groups of people and diving into so many different cultures. Oh, and I don't have to cook."

7. Natasha Lee, Hunter College '18

"My favorite moment is when I learn something new, anything new."

8. TJ Calhoun, Grinnell College '20

"I like having relationships with professors and finding my space in the academic community."

9. Donyae Lewis, DePaul University '17

"I would say getting to meet an array of people from around the world."

10.Taylor Spencer, Pennsylvania State University (graduate) and Michigan State University (first-year graduate)

"For undergrad, learning more about who I am as a person was the best part. For grad school, I love discovering my research project. Once you stumble upon what you can see yourself doing for  really long time, you really gain a sense of purpose."

Now, granted, these are only 10 people. Everyone's college experience is different. Regardless of what school you attend, be open to meeting people and making new friends. Try and learn more about yourself — what you like and don't like, what study methods work best for you, how often you go to the gym, etc. The more open you are to change, the better your experience will be!

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