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Sep 22 2017
by A'lexiz Dennis

5 Reasons Why I Started a Bullet Journal

By A'lexiz Dennis - Sep 22 2017

Starting a bullet journal is a daunting task. A bullet journal, in simple terms, is a to-do list, a sketchbook, notebook and diary. Generally, it will be comprised of all of these things and create something that the person using will use for planning. It's not for everyone, but it is fun to do. For me, getting into bullet journaling was a great experience.

1. Bullet Journal Vs. Regular Journal

I started a bullet journal because I had a regular journal, but it really only had the basic, “Let me write in my journal before bed” vibe to it and I needed more. I needed to be able to have a way to schedule events and plan my social and academic life that wasn’t too demanding. For instance, because it’s my bullet journal that I can pick up right where I leave off when I want to. My bullet journal is as serious as I want it to be.

2. Organization

It helps keep me organized with the flexibility of college. For instance, it helps me keep the tasks and assignments I have to complete in order. It helps me remember everything I have to do for all my classes and keep it organized. It helps me know when to schedule events and extracurricular activities. For example, in my bullet journal, I have a page of potential article ideas.

3. College

The third reason I started a bullet journal was that when I started college, I wanted to be able to put a list of all my assignments for every class on separate pages but all in one place. Yes, planners do the same thing, but it’s easier to look at a page and see when all my assignments would be due for one particular class. It’s better than looking up the syllabus for the class and then having to either remember that date or put it in a planner and then remember where I wrote it in the planner. It is simpler to just have all of the assignments in one place, where I can just look at the index for the class I want and see all of the assignments for that class right there.


4. Creative Outlet

The ability to have a creative outlet is the fourth reason I started a bullet journal. I am majoring in Film, Photo and Visual Arts; it’s a creative major where usually you should have ideas. Having somewhere for me to store those ideas helps me. Also, I am not the most creative person out there, but it is fun to be able to open my bullet journal and draw something that means something to me. If I’m ever in need of inspiration, it’s fun to open up to my page of quotes and get inspiration or to start a new page. 

5. Portable Vision Board

A bullet journal is like a portable vision board. For those of you that don’t know what a vision board is, it’s a board, wall or any type of flat surface that people put their dreams, aspirations and career goals on. For me, since I want to go into the film industry, on my board I have things like film directors I look up to, inspiring quotes by actors and actresses and of course big films. People usually hang their vision boards up in a place they see every day, so some people have them in their offices or bedrooms, but I have mine everywhere I go.