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Aug 04 2017
by Zehra Naqvi

Why College Students Can Relate to Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez's On and Off Friendship

By Zehra Naqvi - Aug 04 2017

Twitter was in a bit of a shock when Demi Lovato's suddenly tweeted at Selena Gomez about her support for her new single Fetish, though admitting on multiple platforms that the two have grown apart. In fact, both the artists did not follow each other on social media for a couple of years. The burning question has always been what has happened to the so-called best friends from Barney and Disney?

Though both Selena and Demi are incredibly successful and A-list celebrities, their on and off friendship can be relatable to the average college student. Why? Disney Channel was like the high school experience for these two actresses. And just like after your first year in college, you may not be the same person you were during those days of homecoming and cafeteria lunches.

Selena and Demi's relationship is like a college student coming back home and not connecting with their old high school pal. Here's how.

1. You meet new people.

In college, you may have a greater connection with the people around you, maybe because you're in same living space as them or you just found a group of friends that you get along with better than your high school friends. Selena and Demi both have different friend groups now, Selena being part of the infamous Taylor Swift squad while Demi has close relationships with various people like Iggy Azalea and Nick Jonas.

2. You experience growth.

Selena's style of music has evolved over time with sensual singles like "Good For You" and "Fetish" with the whole new team and record label, while Demi Lovato has released bold songs such as "Cool for the Summer" and "Sorry Not Sorry." Like going to different colleges and changing majors, you may not be the same person your high school friends may know you for.

3. You have new career goals.

Demi Lovato has left her acting days behind and has focused on her music career as well as her own cosmetic and fitness line. Selena has been handling her music in addition to the acting scene by partaking in movies like "The Fundamentals of Caring" and being the executive producer for Netflix's "13 Reason's Why." In school, you may change your focus from sciences to liberal arts or do both. You may leave a part of you in your high school era or hold onto it. 

4. You're always super busy.

You may have little time for yourself with Greek life or your part time job in addition to managing your courses. It can be pretty difficult to make a call and keep a conversation with someone back home. It is not impossible, but it makes you reevaluate your friendships. You may realize you're not the same and neither are your friendships. Selena and Demi are remarkably busy with their various responsibilities as artists, entrepreneurs or ambassadors.

5. You accept your new self.

Demi Lovato has openly admitted her growth in multiple interviews in the past and how that is a prime reason for her not-so-close friendship with Selena. Selena has never made a similar statement, but she has talked growth when discussing why she left her band, The Scene, to go solo. As months pass in university, you appreciate your old self but love your new self better as you feel like you've discovered who you are.

6. You still have respect for one another.

These girls still tweet and post photos once in a while of each other. Despite not being close, clearly they both appreciate their memories together and will always be supportive of each other. Who knows? Maybe if Selena and Demi weren't close friends, they wouldn't have discovered who they were after their friendship ended. The same goes with college: You and your friends may be on different paths but you'll always have love as well as respect for one another because of all your high school memories.

The friendship of Selena and Demi may seem like a rollercoaster ride, but we cannot say we have not experienced it ourselves, because there are many similarities to our own lives. 

Lead Image Credit: Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato via Twitter

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Zehra Naqvi - University of California, Berkeley

UC Berkeley Student | Staff Writer

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