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Sep 10 2017
by Zehra Naqvi

What It's Like Going to School With the Ball Brothers

By Zehra Naqvi - Sep 10 2017

Even before the recent release of their reality tv show "Ball in The Family," the Ball brothers shook social media as well as the basketball world with their insane scores and extremely expensive gear. The Ball family's hometown, Chino Hills, has been put on the map especially after the eldest brother Lonzo was recruited by the Los Angeles Lakers. The Ball brothers' contribution to Chino Hills High School's Basketball Team, ranked #1 in the nation and statewide, even lead them to a guaranteed acceptance to UCLA.

"We did receive a bomb threat last year at school, causing us to go on lockdown. Some students believe it’s due to the attention from the Ball brothers," said Chino Hills High School student Sahar Zaidi of how the reality stars impacted her freshman year. "But they do bring us Huskies a lot of popularity, so we don’t mind. We like to call our school famous." 

Zaidi and best friend Shreena with LiAngelo Ball. Photo Credit: Sahar Zaidi

"They walk around [with] their huge squad of friends. Students are used to them being around so they don’t act like they are celebrities," Zaidi said. She said she and her friends talk about how they found all of the attention pretty amusing, saying, "We would take these selfies as a joke between our friends." 

With fame also comes merchandise. The Ball Brothers' "Big Baller Brand," referred to as BBB, sold Lonzo's ZO2 shoes for $495 and fellow high school student LaMelo's shoes for $395. The cost was even called out by Shaq, when he tweeted about the high price.

Despite the comments online, people still bought BBB gear. "A lot of boys do wear the Big Baller Brand. Most people on the basketball team do, and yes, even the shoes," Zaidi said.

The Ball Brothers have become part of their normal campus culture. "Teachers also talk about them to students and use them as examples for topics in class," Zaidi said. 

Zaidi and Shreena with LiAngelo Ball. Photo Credit: Sahar Zaidi

"I look at the Ball Brothers and think, 'wow, they're really tall,'" Zaidi said. "They walk around with their huge squad of friends. Students are used to them being around so they don’t act like [LiAngelo and LaMelo] are celebrities. I think they are pretty cool, with their super expensive backpacks and BBB clothing." 

Despite how they may be portrayed in their upcoming show, the Ball Brothers are normal students just like everyone else. Every high school has popular students, but Chino Hills High School students have some for the books.

Zaidi and her friend posing next to The Ball Brothers' car. Photo Credit: Sahar Zaidi

Lead Image Credit: Sahar Zaidi

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Zehra Naqvi - University of California, Berkeley

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