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Mar 15 2017
by Zehra Naqvi

The Berkeley Project: One University's Impactful Day Of Service

By Zehra Naqvi - Mar 15 2017
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In a couple of days, UC Berkeley’s largest day of service will take place: the Berkeley Project Day. Since 2006, the event has been hosted by a nonprofit UC Berkeley organization known as the Berkeley Project. Last semester alone, this project attracted over 2,000 volunteers. Ultimately, this event strengthens the bond between UC Berkeley students and the Berkeley community. 

This March 18th, volunteers will meet up to do some manual labor at their designated service sites from 8 AM - 3 PM. There are more than 80 sites across the city, which will include activities such as replanting trees, weeding and building playgrounds.

Berkeley Project's Marketing Committee
Berkeley Project's Marketing Committee

I had the opportunity to discuss the upcoming preparations with Leon Sim, Co-President of the Berkeley Project. Sim's devotion to the club has grown over the years due to its philosophy of unity and determination in serving the community. He claims that The Berkeley Project Day: 

"Spark[s] a spirit of service, so it grows from just one day... to every week."

In the future, he hopes all the tasks completed at assigned sites will be conducted throughout the year rather than on just one day. 

Sim recalls the overwhelming service of others last semester. There was an overflow of people on the day of the event. When discussing a new service site, Sim recalls it as one of his most cherished moments with the Berkeley Project. He told Fresh U: 

"With the extra volunteers, we were able to make care packages with stuff like socks to give to the homeless community here in Berkeley."

Despite the immense success of the Berkeley Project, Sim believes the organization is still in its pioneer stage and will attain greater achievements in the future.

Berkeley's Project Marketing Committee
Berkeley Project's Marketing Committee

Having an organization like the Berkeley Project portrays college students’ drive for a cleaner, brighter future. It’s incredible to see students set aside their time to create a large scale community service day and have their fellow peers sacrifice their Saturday to show their support. Some people may underestimate college students' abilities, but The Berkeley Project Day shows the remarkable impact a student body has upon a city. Just imagine the impact all college students can have upon the world.

Lead Image Credit: Berkeley's Project Marketing Committee

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Zehra Naqvi - University of California, Berkeley

UC Berkeley Student | Staff Writer

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