Despite studying international policy or campaign strategies, there is no substitute to getting real world experience. Getting an internship can help you to see the reality of working within the field. Internships allow you to make sure your field of choice is something you'll be passionate about for your whole life. Plus, if you get one of these dream political internships you can spend your college summer or semester positively changing someone's life. Below, are six different political organizations that offer amazing internships for undergraduates.

1. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Screenshot CIA Website

If your childhood dream was to be a government spy, this internship is very close to home. Instead of fighting bad guys physically, you'll be protecting national security with your contributions in either the department of Analysis, Clandestine, Stem, Enterprise & Support or Foreign Language. This internship is available throughout the year, however, you need to apply one year in advance. Also there is a super detailed background check and even includes a polygraph test to verify your information!

2. Amnesty International

Screenshot Amesty International Website

Since 1961, Amnesty International has been fighting for global freedom, equality and human rights. This internship would be a great opportunity to get experience in the human rights and NGO work sector, especially because Amnesty is one of the most prominent organizations in this discipline worldwide. More importantly, the organization has multiple locations for their internships, which consist of Human Resources, Organization and Advocacy, from Washington DC to Los Angeles. 

3. United Nations

Screenshot United Nations Website

If you're interested in world diplomacy or public policy, a United Nations internship would be ideal for you! In fact, you can intern internationally or locally as their options range from the United States to Geneva, Thailand and more. Each location has a variety of options for departments to work in, from multimedia to sustainable development, and the positions can last from 2-6 months. However, this opportunity is only open to those in their final year in college, Masters program, or Ph. D. program. Because their internship is still available outside of undergrad, you have time to build your resume before applying! 

4. The White House

Screenshot White House Website

Despite your political views, the internship at the most powerful house in the world would be a life changing opportunity. You will be able to use your skills to serve our country by doing research to staffing events in whichever departments, including the options of Domestic Policy Council, National Economic Council and even The Office of Presidential Correspondence. In addition, you get to work with communities in Washington D.C. to make more local change! 

 5. United Nations International Children's Fund (UNICEF)

Screenshot UNICEF website

Even in 2018, children around the world are denied basic human rights. If you hope to work with improving the lives of children, UNICEF has many internships that will fit you perfectly. You can work in climate, energy, environment or even graphic design. As a division of the United Nations, their headquarters are in New York. However, they do have various other internship locations with varying time durations that are worth checking out! 

6. Human Rights Watch

Screenshot Human Rights Watch Website

From development to advocacy, Human Rights Watch allows you to contribute to a political or social issue for a specific community. Humans Rights Watch is a national organization, which divides their internships through areas of the world or through general issues like health and human rights. If your goals are inclined to a particular political sphere, their multiple divisions for internships may help you get exposure with specific political issues.

Paid or unpaid, internships may reaffirm or inspire your college career goals and look great on a resume for future jobs or higher education. Overall, these dream political internships allow you to gain real world experience and start to change the world at the same time!

Credit Image: Pexels