College students are notoriously very active on social media, and we normally follow accounts of mega stars like Kim Kardashian or fun information outlets like Buzzfeed. But sometimes we'll try to follow accounts related to our political views, as the majority of college students don't have cable or the time to add more online reading on top of their coursework. According to research, most adults aged 18-34 (or millennials) do not visit news sites, read print newspapers, watch television news, or seek out news in great numbers, but instead spend time on social networks, often on mobile devices. If you want to follow political pages featuring artwork and memes, be it liberal or conservative, here are seven to check out: 


Followers: 37.1k

With its trademark aesthetic background, this account posts popular liberal tweets with this rainbow background. So if you don't have Twitter or just don't have the time to check every social media app, this page is great way to check both Instagram and Twitter platforms.

2. conservative_muricans

Followers: 49.8k

This conservative page commonly posts memes or quotes related to conservative political circumstances. So, you'll start your morning with a small laugh while favoring Republican policies.

3. feministthoughtbubble

Followers: 14.1k

This artist creates thought bubbles of iconic activists or strong feminist statements. If you want a fun, creative page with relevant democratic perspectives, this account is a perfect way to see those views come to life.

4. conservativebabes

Followers: 36.1k

With strong, thoughtful quotes, this page has a variety of statements, from past to present, from conservative supporters. You can start your day inspired and enlightened by today's and yesterday's Republicans.

5. March

Followers: 295k

One of the more popular liberal pages, March ranges from different posts of tweets, collage dialogue and photos of inspiring protest signs. This page specifically encompasses a wide social media variety for everyone to enjoy.

6. conservative.american

Followers: 155k

This Instagram page has a large spectrum of social media work including memes, tweets and even quotes. For conservative followers, this account perfectly highlights a variety of points and statements with entertaining social media posts.

7. quietcreature (Jane Beaird)

Followers: 3,239

Though a smaller page compared to the other accounts, this page is run and created by an artist who produces many works related to liberal ideals, while also giving information about your options in getting involved. The best part of all is that you can purchase these astounding illustrations online by clicking her bio.

In addition to following these accounts, you should always fact check and even read many policies thoroughly to conclude your own views. Following these pages is just an animated, entertaining way of receiving a daily dose of your ideology, and is not necessarily for gaining statistical or factual information to make a clear opinion. These pages are an accessible form of activism and art in the world of politics. 

Lead Image Credit: Pixabay