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Jan 22 2018
by Zehra Naqvi

11 Famous YouTubers and Their College Majors

By Zehra Naqvi - Jan 22 2018

Sadly, winter break is over and spring semester has begun. With the upcoming stress and mini-mental breakdowns, you might be questioning everything. In fact, many people use winter break to reflect their life choices because of their last semester grades or possibly just accepted that they're a whole different person. Though you believe a specific major might catapult your life in a specific direction, majors don't necessarily equal an exact occupation or even industry. 

As a prime example and a fun read for this new year, here are some youtubers with achievements that break the stereotype of their majors. Don't forget to like and subscribe!

1. Lilly Singh (Superwoman)

Major: Psychology
College: York University

Known for her hilarious skits dressed as her parents, and her inspirational blogs, Lilly Singh has conquered many industries. From partnerships with big brands like Smashbox to relating her own YouTube documentary called "A Trip To Unicorn Island," Lilly has proven she is a Superwoman.

2. Seán William McLoughlin (jacksepticeye)

Major: Hotel Management
College: Athlone Institute of Technology

Despite his major, this Irish YouTuber is prominent in the gaming community. He has accumulated over 17 million subscribers and has grabbed the attention of companies like Disney. He was recently in an episode on Disney XD channel as well as hosted a panel at D23 Expo 17. 

3. Connor Franta (ConnorFranta)

Major: Business
College: St. John's University

With videos in his dorm room, Connor Franta has worked his way to YouTube success. He has published his own book that landed 16 weeks on New York Times Bestseller, created a music compilation on the Billboard 200 known as Crown, Vol. 1 and established his own lifestyle, coffee brand called Common Culture.

4. Jenna Marbles (JennaMarbles)

Major: Psychology
College: Suffolk University

The second most followed female on YouTube, Jenna Marbles is a regarded as a classic. She has been producing amazing skits and pranks since the beginning. Despite her 17.8 million subscribers, she has also released her own dog toy line named after her dogs Kermie Worm & Mr. Marbles. She is also the first social media star to have a Madam Tussads Wax Figure in their New York City location. 

5. Cassey Ho (blogilates)

Major: Biology
College: Whitter College

If you've aimed to be more in shape this year, you might have run across Blogilates as a pilates instructor on YouTube. She has also been coined as a social media marketer due to her entrepreneurship on lifestyle and fitness with her workout videos to books outlining marketing tips on social media. She also had her own activewear line, helping her attain recognition from names such as Shape Magazine and Time Magazine.  

6. Kurt Hugo Schneider (KurtHugoSchneider)

Major: Mathematics
College: Yale University

With incredible music covers and remixes, Kurt has an incredible reputation with almost 10 million subscribers, 2.4 billion views and partnered advertisements with a little company known as Coca-Cola. 

7. Tyler Oakley (Tyler Oakley)

Major: Communications
College: Michigan State University

Tyler Oakley is known for his philanthropic work for organizations such as The Trevor Project. He has also attracted the attention of big names such as Ellen. In February 2017, it was announced Tyler would have his own platform within Ellentube, a platform related to The Ellen Show, called The Tyler Oakley Show.

8. Colleen Ballinger (MirandaSings)

Major: Vocal Performance
College: Azusa Pacific University

In the eyes of the YouTube community, Colleen is seen as Miranda Sings. This character has landed her as a guest star on multiple TV shows such as The View and The Tonight Show, but more importantly opened doors to her own Netflix series called Haters Back Off.

9. Hannah Hart (MyHarto)

Major: English Literature and Japanese Language
College: UC Berkeley

Though known for her drunken antics in a kitchen, Hannah channel has grown a huge subscription base. She had her own tour and comedy show, produced a film called Camp Takota and even wrote a comedy cooking book. She was also a main character in the film called "Dirty 30" produced by Lions Gate Entertainment.

10. Gabrielle Jeanette "Gabbie" Hanna (TheGabbieShow)

Major: Psychology and Communications
College: University of Pittsburg

Originally a Viner with almost five million subscribers and now a YouTuber of the same numeric count, Gabbie has stolen many hearts on YouTube with her story times and skits involving Tinder dates or making fun of her siblings. She has also released two songs, one of which landed #3 on iTunes Chart. In fact, her vlog channel The Gabbie Vlogs has alone accumulated over 100 million views.

11. GloZell Lyneette Simon (GloZell) 

Major: Musical Theatre
College: University of Florida

GloZell's incredible career stretches from stand-up acts on platforms such as the Dr. Oz Show to the Los Angeles Times. With trendy videos such as the Cinnamon Challenge video with over 50 million views, she is a prominent face in the YouTube community. She had the honor to interview the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.

If you're worried your college major will determine your life plan, these YouTubers may beg to differ. Many of their remarkable achievements have little or even no relation to their majors. As cheesy as it sounds, follow your passion and do what makes you happy as the job will follow you later.

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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