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Dec 06 2017
by Zehra Naqvi

A Muslim Student's Perspective of Trump Recognizing Jerusalem As Israel's Capital

By Zehra Naqvi - Dec 06 2017

President Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel could ignite catastrophe and end the possibility of peace between Israel and Palestine. Jerusalem is home to the holy sites of three significant religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Though Israel was established as its own state in 1948, the United Nations wanted to avoid disputes between religious groups and announced Jerusalem would be under international control. However, Israel auctioned land in Eastern Jerusalem to its citizens, believing Jerusalem was their land. This action was considered illegal under international law and Western Nations have not formally recognized Jerusalem as part of Israel. Therefore,  President's Trump validation of Jerusalem as Israel's capital city will be the first in history.

Announcing the US embassy move to Jerusalem indirectly validates that the city belongs to Israel, contrasting the view of Palestinians and other predominately Muslim countries. Furthermore, initiating this action will ruin a chance of peace between these two opposing sides.


President Trump's track history so far in his Presidency has not been positive towards the Muslim community with the recent approval of a travel ban targeting significant Muslim populations and retweeting Anti-Muslim videos. Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is ignorant and disrespectful towards Muslims worldwide, especially towards Palestinian Muslims who have endured oppressive conditions in their own state due to land dispute.

 Ignorant towards the injustices and attacks Palestinians have faced, President Trump is outrightly disrespecting the recent death count of 3,203 Palestinians killed in West Bank, Gaza, and Israel. To top it all off, he is crushing the hopes of Palestinians who have endured various atrocities in Jerusalem as part of the hope of having the city as their own capital. Israel has restricted the movement of Palestinians from various parts such as East Jerusalem and West Bank, tearing apart Palestinian families and limiting their access to certain parts of Jerusalem. Not to mention risking their lives to even pray at the infamous Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. President Trump actions in choosing sides ultimately dishonors these Palestinian lives. 

Many believe President Trump wants to move the US Embassy because it was one of his campaign promises and recognition of reality. But in a Muslim's perspective, President Trump going forth with this plan is eliminating the chance of peace in the region, and disrespecting Muslims around the world. 

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Zehra Naqvi - University of California, Berkeley

UC Berkeley Student | Staff Writer

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