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Dec 05 2017
by Zehra Naqvi

7 Things To Be Grateful For As A College Student

By Zehra Naqvi - Dec 05 2017
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Coming back from Thanksgiving Break, you might be energized to finish this year strong or be completely stressed out for finals. Don't get me wrong, college is hard. Managing grades, finances and having a social life isn't easy, especially being new to adulthood. But as college students, we should also be grateful to be in our position. Here are seven reasons to be thankful as a college student: 

1. Having a degree.


Those all-nighters and extra cups of coffee for those assignments will be worth it. According to a new study, 6.7% of the world has a college degree, meaning your education is a key asset and extremely valuable. In fact, 88% of employment rates were highest for those with a bachelors degree. Having a college education will surely help in the long run, though it may currently be difficult. 

2. Lifelong Friendships


College is when you make your lifelong friends. You'll grow into who you want to be and meet people who share your true passions. You'll face hard times and the good times, developing lifelong friendships. You're in the perfect environment to make incredible friends and memories.

3. Student Discounts


For promotion, companies offer discounts to college students exclusively, such as Apple For Education, Amazon Student and Spotify Premium For Students. You get these awesome deals just for going to college. 

4. Gym Membership


You get a free or cheap gym membership with your campus facilities. As a college student, you get access to amazing workout equipment and can try incredible workout classes at your college's gym. 

5. Libraries


Your school has remarkable libraries that are exclusive to your college community. Now you have an amazing resource and great area to focus on your work. Also having your own library means more access to cool books as well as printers and computers.

6. Cheap Travel


You can travel around the world by studying abroad or volunteering. You have the opportunity to visit cool places to build your resume. You will not have another opportunity to travel for your education, especially with the discount the school will give you if you go through their program.

7. Finding Yourself


College is a time you can take those classes to learn and figure yourself out. You can take classes you never had the option to in high school as well as join activities you never had the guts to do when you were younger. Ultimately, you can take appropriate classes or participate in school activities to give you the tools to be who you want to be.

Despite our rationing of ramen and lack of sleep, being a college student has some benefits. Never forget to count your blessings no matter how little they may seem.

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Zehra Naqvi - University of California, Berkeley

UC Berkeley Student | Staff Writer

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