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Dec 10 2017
by Zehra Naqvi

7 Apps to Download For Finals Week

By Zehra Naqvi - Dec 10 2017

The finals storm has arrived. With a bunch of papers and exams all bundled up in the last week of school, it might be hard to handle it all. You may be using Google Calendars and setting a couple of alarms to keep yourself on track, but here are a couple of apps to help you get through one heck of a week.

1. ToDoist 

iTunes Store

4/5 stars and free.

This application is great to organize essays and all tasks in general. It's easy to use and can be formatted not only for your phone but also for your laptop. Therefore, you can manage and check off your To Do List from your computer. The best part is its clean-cut aesthetic, and how it inspires you to continue using it by filling up the space. 

2. Motivation

iTunes Store

5/5 stars and free.

If you ever feel down or need something to put yourself in a positive mindset, you should check out the Motivation app. It has a bunch of quotes you can glide through to keep you focused on doing well if you feel like you need some inspiration. Ultimately, this app will help you keep your spirits up so you can work through those finals.

3. Evernote

iTunes Store

4/5 stars and free.

If you need a combo of a task organizer and a notepad, Evernote is the route to go. This application allows you to have one place to make a to-do list, scan your documents, save website articles and write up notes. It also syncs up automatically to your phone and Mac. There are many more additional features but you have to pay for a subscription.

4. Grade Calculator Plus

iTunes Store

4/5 stars and free.

To guesstimate a score for finals or just figure out your grade in general, this app will do the trick. The application can help you allocate specific time and effort per subject. Overall, you'll know what class you need to put more energy into, depending on the grade. It helps you manage your course grades by calculating what you need to get a specific grade in a class.

5. EasyBib 

iTunes Store

3/5 stars and free.

Works cited pages and bibliographies are not necessarily difficult, just very time-consuming. You may be familiar with the EasyBib website for citations, but its application is extremely convenient. If you're sorting through books in a library, you can immediately cite a book on your phone while sifting through library shelves.

6. SelfControl

SelfControl Website

Though the previously discussed applications could be used both on phone and laptop, this application is only for your laptop. To make sure you don't get distracted during finals week with sites like Reddit or Facebook, you can use the SelfControl application on your laptop to block those websites. This application is very convenient if you find yourself spending a lot of time on the internet in the library rather than actually doing work. 

7. Notability 

iTunes Store

4/5 stars and $9.99.

For PDF annotation and note taking, Notability is a simple application to help you put together that supporting evidence for research essays. You can even use this application as a supplement to taking notes if you have digital books or articles. Admittedly, this is a pricey application, but it can be a great replacement for those who change locations frequently during finals week and don't want to carry too many items in their bag.

With finals ahead, it's always best to be prepared. Hope these applications can help you mentally prepare for the last week of this academic year! 

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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Zehra Naqvi - University of California, Berkeley

UC Berkeley Student | Staff Writer

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