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Aug 25 2017
by Zehra Naqvi

5 Pieces of Advice for First Week at UC Berkeley

By Zehra Naqvi - Aug 25 2017

College in general is daunting, and settling into the dorms and seeing a bit of the campus life  makes everything seem more real. You may be nervous for your first day but all freshmen, from or not from the Bay Area, will all have the same emotions. To ease your nerves, here are a couple of tips for the week of August 23rd. 

1. Find your classes with Google Maps.


The campus is large and honestly it's hard to know every single building on campus. Don't feel embarrassed to type in a building in your navigation because it will save a lot your time and uphill walking. 

2.  Have a résumé ready for extracurriculars applications. 


A lot of clubs include an application, résumé and even an interview. Many are stunned by this process and end up staying up late during the first weeks just to clean up their résumé. If you have your résumé ready before the year starts, you will be less stressed and spend the extra time exploring Berkeley.

3. Find locations where you can use meal points.


There are a couple of places on campus that do not take meal points. However, you can add money on your Cal 1 Card and use your ID as a debit card. Some locations that do not take meal points, for instance, are Free Speech Movement Café in Moffitt Library and all the restaurants in the MLK building. 

Here are the non-dining hall, meal point locations: Common Grounds (In Dwinelle)Brown's (Genetic & Plant Biology), Terrace Cafe (Bechtel), Qualcomm CyberCafe (Sutardja Dai Hall), Pro Shop (RSF) and Golden Bear (Sproul). The hours vary but as the weeks pass by, you'll know it all like the back of your hand. 

4. Do not fear People's Park. 


Some people are afraid of People's Park and the homeless community within the area, especially when their parents go around the city with them during their first visit. Realistically, you should just follow the simple rules of any other location such as not walking alone late at night or being unaware of your surroundings. 

I can assure you, after walking through that area every day my first semester of freshman year,  there was nothing really to worry about. 

5. Respect every protest no matter your circumstances. 

Zehra Naqvi 

Renowned for protesting, UC Berkeley has a protest almost every other day. Some may not be as extravagant as the ones that appear on the news, but they all deserve the same respect. Be cautious and do not disrupt their movement by going through the crowd just to get to class. To go around, go through the plaza by Zellerbach Auditorium and then the passageway under Golden Bear Café. Let individuals have the opportunity to vocalize their ideals.

Hopefully these tips will help you conquer your first day. Cal campus is very welcoming so just enjoy the first step of your greatest four years. 

Lead Image Credit: Zehra Naqvi

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Zehra Naqvi - University of California, Berkeley

UC Berkeley Student | Staff Writer

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