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Jul 02 2017
by Zehra Naqvi

5 Must-Try Mug Cakes You Can Make In Your Dorm Room

By Zehra Naqvi - Jul 02 2017

College is not only about saving enough money but also about time conservation and convenience. You may not want to leave your room to grab some food or just wait for your food to be made in general. It can also be pretty difficult to satisfy a sweet tooth late at night. The answer to usual late night sweet, yet lazy cravings are mug cakes. Sugary paradise in your own mug. You can do the classic chocolate or vanilla recipes but here are some to mix it up.

1. Cookie Butter

Ingredients include cookie butter spread, milk, all-purpose flour and baking powder.

This is one of the simplest, yet complex mug cakes you can find. With flavorful and minimal ingredients, this one is great to change up the usual plain chocolate and vanilla. You just have to put all the ingredients in a microwavable mug and after 20 minutes, you'll have an incredible cookie butter treat.

2. Chocolate Chip

Ingredients include all-purpose flour, brown sugar, baking powder, low fat milk, vanilla, vegetable oil and semisweet chocolate chips.

Chocolate chip cookies are great but in a cake? Even better. Having this mug cake is similar to having a fresh, mega-melted cookie. Also compared to cookie baking, there's less dishes to wash.

3. Blueberry Muffin

Ingredients include sugar, baking powder, milk, salted butter (cool and melted), vanilla, blueberries and all-purpose flour. 

Though this mug cake has a lot of ingredients, it is worth the effort. The freshness of the berries compliments the sweetness of the cake batter. Also this is a great excuse to have cake for breakfast. 

4. Nutella 

Ingredients include all-purpose flour, unsweetened cocoa powder, baking powder, salt, egg, sugar and Nutella.

Many bakery treats contain Nutella — that is no exception to mug cakes. Personally, I think this recipe is great with some milk because the richness of the moist cake and Nutella. 

5. Maple Pecan

Ingredients include yellow cake mix, coconut oil, egg, pecans, maple syrup and brown sugar. 

This particular recipe is common for Thanksgiving or just fall in general. However, if it gets cold on campus, this is a great mug cake as it kinda tastes like a hot, sweet latte with a slice of pound cake. 

Lead Image Credit: Antonio Quagliata via Pexels 

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Zehra Naqvi - University of California, Berkeley

UC Berkeley Student | Staff Writer

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