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Feb 25 2018
by Zehra Naqvi

10 Dream College Internships

By Zehra Naqvi - Feb 25 2018

To some, it's spring—but to college students, it's "I need to find a summer internship" season. In all honesty, many of our first internships will not be spectacular, but who knows? You might land a paid internship that will pay a semester of classes or eventually land you on a legendary show like "The Office." Landing an internship in general is a remarkable achievement, but getting a dream internship would also make your life a bit happier. Here are 10 dream college internships, listed by major.

1. Team Coco

Screenshot Team Coco Website

Major: Film, Media, Theatre, Music

Iconic late night host Conan O'Brien has hired interns who have gone on to become today's notable names, such as Mindy Kaling, John Krasinski and Ellie Kemper. Team Coco has spots available every semester in a wide variety of departments, from digital to wardrobe.

Also, when else can you be in the same shoes as Mindy, but as a Team Coco intern? 

2. Southwest

Screenshot by Southwest

Majors: Business, Media, English, Journalism

Southwest probably had not crossed your mind as a possible internship, but the airline gives you an incredible experience, as well as free flights to any location hosted by Southwest. Southwest also has one of the highest ratings for its specific internship program due to a great working environment for both interns and employees.

3. Facebook

Screenshot via Facebook

Majors: Computer Science, Business, Legal

Without a doubt, working at Facebook as an employee or an intern seems fun already. But the best part about being a Facebook intern is the opportunity to be educated through Facebook University while being paid almost $8,000 a month. In addition, Facebook also provides its interns with free housing, food and shuttle service, and even plans various free get-away trips all over Northern California. Your time as an intern at Facebook is sure to be one of your best college summers!

4. Smithsonian

Screenshot via SmithsonianS

Majors: Art History, Environment, Biology

Have your own "Night in the Museum" experience as an intern with this U.S. government-owned research institution. As an intern, you can choose to partake in research and projects at the world-renowned American Art Museum to the Natural Sciences. Smithsonian's vast range of opportunities makes it a remarkable place to grow your knowledge, resume and professional network. 

5. Nickelodeon 

Screenshot via Nickelodeon

Majors: Film, Business, Media, Communications, English

From "Drake & Josh" to "SpongeBob," this network never fails to bring great-quality television and a remarkable internship program. As an intern, you will get a lot of hands-on work with media content with a fun, playground atmosphere with cartoons everywhere.

6. Yelp

Screenshot via Yelp

Majors: Computer Science, Business

Yelp is an app that is almost a necessity for college students, and as an intern you'll have an opportunity to help grow the foodie community with Yelp. It has paid business trips, team dinners and bonding activities throughout the program. 

7. Pixar

Screenshot via Pixar

Majors: Computer Science, Film, Media, English

Pixar has the some of the most talented individuals in every field and as an intern you will have full access to connect with them. The workplace environment is very collaborative and open, making it a great place to develop your aspirations, as well as to pursue incredible projects.

8. DKC 

Screenshot via DKC

Majors: Communications, Journalism, Marketing

This PR firm just has a couple of notable clients under its belt, such as Yahoo!, LinkedIn and AirBnb. As an intern, you'll get outstanding hands-on experience in public relations as well as in event production and graphics. Overall, it's a well-rounded opportunity with a PR business that is representing many of today's newer companies. 

9. Google

Screenshot via Google

Majors: Computer Science, Business, Media, Legal

This tech company basically had a movie because of its stellar internships. Some of the benefits, besides the salary of almost $8,000 a month, are free housing, shuttle services, laundry, food, gym membership and massages. While it's already hard to say no to Google, these options just made it even harder.

10. Harper's Magazine

Screenshot via Harper's Magazine

Majors: Journalism, Fashion, English, Media, Communications, Business

Many people dream about interning with Conde Nast "Vogue" division, but unfortunately, Vogue's Magazine closed that internship opportunity due to a lawsuit accusing the company of abusing its interns. However, Harper's Magazine still has a remarkable intern program, with each intern gaining real editorial experience rather than coffee runs.

There are many other majors not listed or referred to in this list, but many of these internships are actually quite flexible when it comes to majors. Many recruiters look for interns who are passionate about their company's work and not just experienced, as the recruiters would rather work alongside someone who will always be genuinely excited and hard-working during hot summer days.

So give it a shot and apply to that dream internship! If worst comes to worst, they'll say no, but who knows? You might end up becoming a full-time employee for that company later in life.

Lead Image Credit: Pixabay

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Zehra Naqvi - University of California, Berkeley

UC Berkeley Student | Staff Writer

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